Recovery Support Services

Recovery Support Services are non-clinical services that assist individuals to recover from alcohol or drug problems.  Services may include social support, linkage to and coordination among allied service providers, and a full range of services that facilitate recovery and wellness contributing to an improved quality of life. 

Individuals will have assistance in building and maintaining the social networks that contribute to the feeling of support and that enhance their quality of life and feeling of security.

These services are flexibly staged and may be provided prior to, during, and after treatment. Recovery Support Services may be provided in conjunction with treatment, and/or as separate and distinct services, to individuals and families who desire and need them.  The Recovery Support Services Counselor works closely with the Chemical Dependency Center staff and interact with clients throughout the 30-day residential alcohol and drug treatment stay. 

The benefits of Recovery Support Service to individuals and family members include:

  • The provision of a comprehensive menu of services and supports that can be combined and readily adjusted to meet the individual’s needs and chosen pathway to recovery.
  • An ongoing process of systems-improvement that incorporates the experiences of those in recovery and their family members.
  • The coordination of multiple systems, providing responsive, outcomes-driven approaches to care