Developmental Support Services

A person is called Intellectually Disabled or Developmentally Disabled when he or she has a severe, chronic disability caused by a mental or physical impairment or a combination of these impairments. This includes intellectually disabled individuals as well as the physically disabled. Typically, the disability is present before age twenty-two and continues indefinitely. Programs for the Intellectually Disabled through Warren-Yazoo Mental Health Service strive to help each person reach his or her best potential.

Eligibility: Program participants must be at least nineteen with the consent of parent or legal guardian, and a resident of Yazoo County. Final approval is determined through an interview by the staff.

Psychological Evaluation: Prior to enrolling in work activity center program in Yazoo County, each applicant is evaluated by a staff psychologist. While a client remains in the program, progress is evaluated continually by the staff.

Community Support Services: Community Support Specialists monitor the needs of the Intellectually Disabled on an individual basis. Regular visits from a community support specialist enables participants to become more independent in day-to-day living.

Family Counseling: Counseling services assist families in determining ways to best help their loved meet achieve their goals.

Supported Employment: Individuals will have the opportunity to work with a staff member to find an employment opportunity that works best for them. The consumer will be assessed to determine areas of interest and needed supports. Staff will assist in locating job opportunities and providing support on the jobsite as needed. The goal is for the consumer to be trained and to work as independently as possible.

Developmental Support Services

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