Consultation and Education

Warren Yazoo Behavioral Health believes that public awareness of mental health issues is vital to ensuring a healthy lifestyle for the entire community. Consultation services are provided to businesses, social service agencies, private groups, nursing homes, schools, physicians, attorneys, and courts.

Warren Yazoo Behavioral Health's services extend to consulting for schools and businesses, as well as presenting educational programs for community organizations and residents. These services educate the community regarding children and youth, the elderly, the chronically mentally ill, alcohol and drug abuse, and other areas of need.

We take a positive approach to the mental well-being of those living in Warren and Yazoo County through education initiatives that improve the public’s understanding of mental health and we also conduct assessment strategies that increase early recognition of problems, and comprehensive services to prevent escalation of problems to the crisis point. 

In addition to responding to community requests for educational presentations, we initiate outreach in the form of depression and alcohol & drug abuse screening programs.

One of the unique services we offer is tailoring special programs to the requirements of different organizations. Warren Yazoo Behavioral Health offers diverse professional expertise, for a consultation on a program designed to meet your organization's needs, please call (601) 638-0031 in Warren County and (662) 746-5712 in Yazoo County for more information.