Work Activity Center

For Intellectually Disabled adults in Yazoo County, the work activity center called Yazoo Multiflex Industries provides basic education, training in daily living skills, and paid employment. The goal of the Work Activity Center is to help each individual gain new skills, self-esteem, and the pride of accomplishment. 

The Center offers practical education in:

Basic Counting and Simple Math

Job Interviewing

Reading, Writing, Telling time

Problem Solving Survival Vocabulary

Communication Basic Money Skills

Assertiveness Grooming and hygiene

Anger Management Survival Vocabulary

Communication Shopping and Cooking

Health and Physical Fitness

Contract services and jobs are coordinated with area industries and businesses. The clients are receive training to perform specific skill-based tasks. 

Some Yazoo Multiflex jobs and services are:

Engraving Services

Assembling mechanical parts for local industry 


Environmental Cleaning Services

For more information, call 662-746-7363