Prevention/Intervention Services

The goal of the Prevention/Intervention program is two-fold, (1) to prevent the occurrence of alcohol and drug abuse and (2) to provide intervention services to those who have a problem. Our programs are designed to inform community members and consumers about substance abuse issues such as symptoms, the progressive nature of substance abuse problems, treatment possibilities, and the implication of substance abuse on the user, family, his or her employer, and the community. The primary goal in the prevention aspect of the substance abuse program is to provide educational programs to the community to increase the level of understanding and awareness regarding alcohol and drug abuse related problems. For more information or to schedule a drug education program, call 601-634-0181 ext. 3308.

Pressure to fit in.

To look a certain way.

To act a certain way.

These are just some of the pressures you might face during your teenage years....

But there's nothing more powerful than staying true to who you are.

The MPACC will target two prevention priorities: (1) underage drinking for individuals ages 12-20 and (2) prescription drug abuse for individuals ages 12-25. 

Goals of mPACC in Warren County:

1. Reduce underage drinking and related consequences

2. Reduce prescription drug abuse rates and consequences for young adults and youth

3. Strengthen prevention capacity/infrastructure at state and community level

4. Leverage and coordinate county prevention funding streams and resources