How Can I Access A Mobile Crisis Response Team?

Individuals, families, law enforcement, clergy, ERs, chancery courts, and anyone concerned about an individual who is experiencing or at risk of a psychological crisis can request assistance from the Mobile Crisis Response Team. The Team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Warren and Yazoo County.

For more information about accessing a Mobile Crisis Response Team 
in Yazoo County, call   662-746-5712 or 
in Warren County call 601-638-0031.


The Warren Yazoo Behavioral Health Mobile Crisis Response Team is available in Warren and Yazoo Counties is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Teams are able to respond to requests for crisis services related to acute symptoms of emotional distress. The nature of the crisis will determine the number of staff needed to respond.

The Team accepts self-referrals, as well as referrals from family and friends, healthcare providers, law enforcement, emergency service personnel, and other service agencies.

What are Mobile Crisis Response Teams?

Mobile Crisis Response Teams provide community-based services that deliver solution-focused and recovery-oriented behavioral health assessments and stabilization of crisis in a safe location that serves the needs of the client. 

Crisis Response Teams:

  • Provide community -based crisis services;
  • Work hand-in-hand with local crisis agencies to ensure a seamless response; and
  • Ensure an individual has a follow-up appointment with their preferred provider and monitor the individual until the appointment takes place.
Yazoo County 
Crisis Line 
The Mobile Crisis Response Team is funded by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health