Gambling Services

Since opening in Central Mississippi over a decade ago, casinos have become a source of entertainment for many, but a new addiction for others. Our agency offers both individual and family therapy sessions specifically targeted to meet the needs of the gambler. Fortunately, research indicates that compulsive gambling can be easily treated on an outpatient basis.

In 2013 the help line received a total of 2988 calls, of which 481 were counseling calls. 

Eighty-one percent of our callers are seeking help for themselves, while others are calling about their spouses (4%), relatives (9%), and friends (3%). The majority (65%) of the individuals experiencing problems with gambling fall between the ages of 26-64. Sixty-two percent heard about our help line number through the casinos.

MCPCG refers compulsive gamblers and their families to 27 Gamblers Anonymous meetings; the 15 Regional Mental Health Centers; 20 Private Treatment Providers and 10 Consumer Credit Counseling Centers.

The Mississippi Council on Problem and Compulsive Gambling

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