Chemical Dependency Center

Warren Yazoo Behavioral Health Chemical Dependency Center provides affordable, results-oriented residential treatment to those who desire a fulfilling life of recovery. 

Warren Yazoo Behavioral Health offers a variety of services to address substance abuse. Our services are centered around the strengths and resilience of individuals and families who are actively taking responsibility for their health and wellness. This drives our efforts to provide each person with the means necessary to build a foundation for recovery.


The Chemical Dependency Center, located in Vicksburg, Mississippi, is a 25 bed facility for individuals interested in beginning the recovery process from substance abuse.  Primary residential treatment is provided for Adult Males and Females.  Transitional residential treatment is also provided for Adult Males.  Primary residential treatment is a 30-day program that offers individual and group counseling, recovery skills education, self-help groups AA/NA, social support activities, and a variety of continuing services that support recovery from substance abuse.  We have an experienced team that includes psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, counselors, and recovery support specialists. Transitional residential treatment offers individuals a chemically free environment where daily responsibilities can be resumed in areas such as employment skills, socialization activities, community support meetings, and volunteer opportunities.  Residential treatment provides a structure often needed to begin a successful recovery.

For more information, call 601-634-0181.

For more information, please call 601-634-0181.