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Mental health is an integral part of the well-being of all individuals and is fundamental to the quality of life of our entire community. 
Warren Yazoo Behavioral Health (Region XV) is one of fourteen regional community mental health centers certified by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health to provide comprehensive behavioral health services in our state. Our mission is to provide the highest quality and most cost effective mental health care available today. Every effort is made to develop programs and services which will enhance and/or improve the quality of life for our consumers and their families. 

Behavioral health touches us all. When a family member, friend, coworker, or neighbor struggles with problems that affect their behavioral health, it concerns everyone around them. WYBH strives to provide exceptional, affordable care that helps individuals of all ages and circumstances feel better, function more successfully, and experience life more fully. Working in partnership with local schools, community organizations, public agencies, and private businesses, we make every effort to provide safe and supportive environments in which individuals and families can get the care they need. We directly reach several thousand individuals each year and compassionately work to improve the well-being of all who live and work in Warren and Yazoo counties.

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Directions to offices in Warren and Yazoo County are on the contact page. 
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